Gorgeous flowers in the Pink City

27 February 2013

We are back in Sydney, and already missing the beautiful Pink City of Jaipur. It really gets under your skin. We had a fantastic trip. The weather was divine, 23 during the day, dropping to about 15 at night. Definitely the best time of year to be there, if they would move the Jaipur Literature Festival forward a month, it would be perfect.

We are having some beautiful fabrics made up into our dresses and tunics, we have chosen a palette of navy, white, watermelon and a touch of emerald. Printing has started. We also found some gorgeous one off pieces; fabulous clutch and shoulder bags, more Bengali scarves in new designs, some truly divine throws for winter and vintage Indian silver. Will keep you up to speed as they arrive. Loving all these marigolds and flowers. In a very Beatles inspired “Love You to” moment, couldn’t help but wear them sometimes!

FYI, Marigolds are the sacred herb of Hinduism.

IMG_2307 IMG_2381 IMG_2376


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