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We have been incredibly lucky.  Anne (the Bell of R&B), has a very beautiful sister, Kate Bell.  When we needed a model for our first shoot in 2012, Kate very generously volunteered.  We were obviously over the moon.  Kate’s modelling credentials go way back to the fabulous super model 80’s, when models didn’t get up for less than $10,000 a day.  She has now modelled for all our shoots since 2012 and in a very organic way has become not only the face of Read&Bell but also embodies so much that is Read&Bell; discerning, ageless, individual and most importantly authentic.

Our first shoot in 2012












It’s been a while, but am now back in the blog/newsletter saddle and am going to try very very hard to keep you up to date with the goings and comings at Read&Bell central.

Blame the shop. Our lovely, beautiful shop that we adore. Finally after six years of trunk sales, fairs and markets we opened a permanent space at the south end of King St, Newtown in September 2016. We had (obviously), been fantasising about bricks and mortar for ever. At the beginning of last year we thought, yep we are ready…..just need to find the right space. We checked out a few, but none felt quite right and the shop idea was sadly put on the back burner. But of course serendipitously (Read&Bell’s middle name), a few months later, sitting in traffic, we spotted the For Lease sign at 594 King Street, Newtown. We have always loved this space and building, and with a bit of a push from our gorgeous (now) shop neighbours, Milk & Thistle and Made, the deal was done!

After a bit of spit, polish and general make over, we opened the doors in September last year and haven’t looked back. Not only do our wonderful customers visit us from all over Sydney, but we have now met a whole new set of fabulous locals, not to mention the tight community of retailers and cafe’s who have also bravely opened their doors at the “south end” of this strip.

We now have a very permanent sign at the front, have commissioned an illustration of the shop for our postcards and seriously on the hunt for a gorgeous wooden display table, which will hopefully serendipitously find us.

We aren’t going anywhere, feeling very at home, very welcome and loving our new digs.

Now, before you ask, we haven’t given up all our fairs, we are still going to be out and about with the caravan, bringing the range to you and of course the online site, is alive and kicking lots of goals.

The shop is open Weds – Sat, 1030-5.30 and Sun, 12.00-4.00.  594 King Street, Newtown (best parking Holmwood and Dickson Streets).  We would love to see you.


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It’s divine, we are incredibly happy. Our block printers have done a fantastic job, it can be tricky achieving the exact colour you want, but with some trial and error, they have succeeded.  It is a gorgeous range of coastal blues with some greys, pinks and emerald greens.

For our embroidered pieces, we have used new makers and the level of craftsmanship is sublime, it has also meant we can use a range of different base colours rather than just white, and have chosen indigo navy, watermelon pink and cornflower blue with white embroidery.

We are sure you’ll love it….we are thrilled and how gorgeous does Kate look in these pics.


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It was the shortest day of the year yesterday, while Sydney winters are very mild I still yearn for some sun…..just a few days somewhere warm, peaceful and beautiful.  I think this home in Greece would fit the bill.








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When we are in Delhi, it has become a ritual that we always visit Chandi Chowk , very Old Delhi’s pulsing heart.  A maze of narrow alleys only accessible by foot or rickshaw and shaded by a network of electric wires (some live). It is a treasure trove of everything you don’t need, but want. A minimialist nightmare and a fantastic assault on the senses. Delhi at it’s most intense!  We LOVE it.

Must visits are; Kinari Bazaar for all things shiny and glittery, this is the Indian Wedding Dress go to market, you can purchase trimmings, ribbons and lots of sequins, Dariba Street for jewellery and Khari Baoli, the wholesale spice and flower market.

It is a fantastic, sensory overload wonderland, we always need a bit of a lie down/regroup back at the hotel after a visit down into Chandi Chowk.





Chandi Chowk 5

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