Chandi Chowk – hold onto your kurta

10 June 2015

When we are in Delhi, it has become a ritual that we always visit Chandi Chowk , very Old Delhi’s pulsing heart.  A maze of narrow alleys only accessible by foot or rickshaw and shaded by a network of electric wires (some live). It is a treasure trove of everything you don’t need, but want. A minimialist nightmare and a fantastic assault on the senses. Delhi at it’s most intense!  We LOVE it.

Must visits are; Kinari Bazaar for all things shiny and glittery, this is the Indian Wedding Dress go to market, you can purchase trimmings, ribbons and lots of sequins, Dariba Street for jewellery and Khari Baoli, the wholesale spice and flower market.

It is a fantastic, sensory overload wonderland, we always need a bit of a lie down/regroup back at the hotel after a visit down into Chandi Chowk.





Chandi Chowk 5


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