Our SS 15/16 range has arrived…..

25 August 2015

It’s divine, we are incredibly happy. Our block printers have done a fantastic job, it can be tricky achieving the exact colour you want, but with some trial and error, they have succeeded.  It is a gorgeous range of coastal blues with some greys, pinks and emerald greens.

For our embroidered pieces, we have used new makers and the level of craftsmanship is sublime, it has also meant we can use a range of different base colours rather than just white, and have chosen indigo navy, watermelon pink and cornflower blue with white embroidery.

We are sure you’ll love it….we are thrilled and how gorgeous does Kate look in these pics.


R&B (138 of 150)It

Read&Bell (77 of 86)

Read&Bell (63 of 86)

Read&Bell (39 of 86)

Read&Bell (28 of 86)



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