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Love Travel Guide – Jaipur


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Fiona Caulfield began Love Travel Guides in India in 2007 with a goal to enable the readers to fall in love with each destination. The guides are hand-crafted books for Luxury Vagabonds with carefully curated content showcasing the best and most authentic experiences. The simplest criteria for what gets in to the guide is: “Does this entry help you fall in love with this destination? If yes, then it is in; if no then, it is out. Simple”.

Completely hand made in India, Love Travel Guides celebrate authentic Indian luxury and pays homage to India’s rich craft legacy. The books are printed on paper hand-made in Jaipur and hand-crafted with care by local fashion designers and crafts people.

Fiona is committed to Conscious Travel, travel that is environmentally and/ or socially responsible. 10% of profits go to the Love Travel Foundation to contribute to Conscious Travel in India.

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