Inky Indigo

27 June 2014

As you know we are of course massive fans of indigo at Read+Bell, even as I type and eat my belated lunch I have a very lovely Anokhi indigo napkin on my lap. What’s not to love about that amazing deep blue. Whether its from India, Japan or Bali, real indigo has a depth which can’t really be replicated, it’s a bit like 35mm film vs digital, nothing beats the real thing! Inspired by a very cute J Crew padded bolero, we have had made gorgeous jackets in some very funky indigo fabrics we picked up on our last trip. The one I have been loving is the the zig zag indigo, fantastic layered over a grey marle long sleeved tshirt, jeans and boots. We also have it in a dot and fan pattern.

All images via The Society Inc and French by Design.

tie dye via threadsdotsrithreadsdotcom tie dye via society Indigoblues_021 Indigoblues_008 (1)


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